The rooms

Moonfrà is perfect for both a short weekend break or for a longer stay, perhaps with the whole family.

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Waning Moon

Junior Suite Terrace

Raise your eyes to discover the ceiling frescoed with floral patterns, a legacy of long ago brought back to its former glory with care and patience. The windows overlook the big Moonfrà terrace, another place for you to chill out, perhaps with a nice glass of red wine.

Crescent Moon

Junior Suite

On the second floor of Moonfrà is the room from which you enjoy the best view of the hills of Monferrato and the Alps. The refurbishment of the wooden ceiling with its big exposed beams is the pride and joy of this warm, friendly room.

Red Moon


The terracotta flooring, marked by time and deliberately kept as it is so that a piece of our story is always there on show, lends a warm, familiar feel to the room.

Blue Moon


Small, but precious: the tiny, patiently restored ceiling frescoes give the room that atmosphere of yesteryear that immediately wins over eyes and heart.

New moon


The simple geometric pattern of the fresco on the ceiling and the small fireplace that we have preserved, interact with the original furnishings and delicate concessions to the most modern of styles.

Full moon


The elegant colour of the walls enhances the warmth emanating from the floor, so ancient and at the same time so alive that you feel you can hear it breathe.

Moonfrà is a house of two storeys, each with three rooms: a large suite and two smaller rooms. All rooms have air conditioning, free wifi, minibar and a small safe.